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Re: Diffs-only for XFree?

Steve Early wrote:

[Debian diffs for X11 source tree]
> Debian-specific diffs were hard to produce under the old scheme of
> things because of the strange way in which the upstream source was
> packaged. The version of the X packages that I will release in the new
> source packaging format ought to be a lot more usable.

Ok, sounds good - any estimations on the release date of this repackaged
version? Do you want to wait for the stable 3.1.2 release first?

> I assume you don't use XFree86 itself on the m68k platforms, and you
> just want to look at the packaging style?

Well, I do - for a while our m68k X11 system was just a pile of .bin.tar.gz
archives plus large diffs, but Geert Uytterhoeven (m68k hacker) has joined
the XFree86 team some months ago, and the current XFree-3.1.2 beta releases
(where are we? -G?) contain m68k changes, and the binary distributions
also come with complete m68k binaries. We don't use the PC-ish VGA/SVGA etc.
drivers, but a different concept (the kernel based framebuffer device driver).
Anyway - 'our' X11 is also XFree86 now (although the m68k changes are
under a new directory which is nicely named 'xfree68'. :-)

Once you convert the XFree86 source tree to the new source format, adding
the architecture changes for m68k shouldn't be too hard, I think.


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