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Re: Diffs-only for XFree?

In article <m0v1b5O-0000Q4C@madrid.Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.DE> you write:
>I noticed that in the rex/source archive there is currently only the
>complete XFree-3.1.2 source tree. Are there any means to get ahold of
>just the Debian specific diffs for it, even if they are quite a lot? 
>We need to get X11 for m68k debianized, but having to extract the changes that
>were made from the complete source tree myself is..somewhat dumb if there 
>is another way.

Debian-specific diffs were hard to produce under the old scheme of
things because of the strange way in which the upstream source was
packaged. The version of the X packages that I will release in the new
source packaging format ought to be a lot more usable.

I assume you don't use XFree86 itself on the m68k platforms, and you
just want to look at the packaging style?

Steve Early

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