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Re: Newer version of gdb and binutils?

Miquel van Smoorenburg writes:
> You (Frank Neumann) wrote:
> > Hi,
> > there have been newer versions of these two programs out for some time
> > now:
> > gdb-4.16 (current in Debian: 4.15)
> > binutils-2.7 (current in Debian: 2.6)
> > 
> > David, are you working on debianizing the newer versions? I'm pretty much
> > interested in a newer binutils, because the current Debian version does
> > not generate correct code for the 68060 processor (like the current 2.0.18
> > kernel on accelerated m68k machines). A patch to gdb-4.16 has also been made
> > available by Andreas Schwab to make it compile on m68k. If you want, I 
> > can send it to you.

Was this intended for me?  If so, I don't remember seeing it before.
Please remember that I've fallen of the -devel list and can't get back

Anyway, the deal for gdb and binutils is that I only have enough time
to track H.J. Lu's versions.  Since he hasn't released public versions
of gdb-4.16 and binutils-2.7 yet, neither have I.  However, if anyone
out there is capable of handling these packages and devote more time
to them, I will gladly give them up.  They have actually been up for
adoption for some time, I just haven't publicized it much.

> If anyone is going to do this, please base it on
> ftp://ftp.cistron.nl/pub/people/miquels/debian/BETA/binutils-2.7-1.tar.gz
> This is the version I use on the Alpha. I've merged the debian binutils-2.6 
> and the FSF binutils-2.7 to get a version that is backwards compatible
> with building older kernels.

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