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Re: Newer version of gdb and binutils?

You (David Engel) wrote:
> Was this intended for me?  If so, I don't remember seeing it before.
> Please remember that I've fallen of the -devel list and can't get back
> on.

Partly, I ment to contact you but somehow it slipped through. Oh well.
You still aren't back on debian-devel? Hmm.. I understand lists.debian.org
is going to be moved to a new server soon, fortunately.

> Anyway, the deal for gdb and binutils is that I only have enough time
> to track H.J. Lu's versions.  Since he hasn't released public versions
> of gdb-4.16 and binutils-2.7 yet, neither have I.

Indeed. However, binutils-2.7 runs "out of the box" for Linux/ELF. I don't
think a special Linux version is needed. I only added a few Alpha patches,
and I ported some stuff from 2.6-hlu (encaps and objdump - for building older
Linux kernels).

> However, if anyone
> out there is capable of handling these packages and devote more time
> to them, I will gladly give them up.  They have actually been up for
> adoption for some time, I just haven't publicized it much.

Can't help you there, I'm afraid. I don't know too much about this stuff
and I am busy enough as it is.

Anyway the 2.7 version I made compiles and runs on both the i386 and
alpha - in fact all my packages were made with it. There's no work
needed on it, it's already been "debianized".

> > If anyone is going to do this, please base it on
> > 
> > ftp://ftp.cistron.nl/pub/people/miquels/debian/BETA/binutils-2.7-1.tar.gz
> > 
> > This is the version I use on the Alpha. I've merged the debian binutils-2.6 
> > and the FSF binutils-2.7 to get a version that is backwards compatible
> > with building older kernels.

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