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Re: Bug#4392: xfishtank coredumps at 16bpps

There ios a new release on debian.org of xfishtank that hopefully
addressed the problem.

On Fri, 6 Sep 1996, Emilio Lopes wrote:

ecl>>>>>> "HX" == Herbert Xu <herbert@greathan.apana.org.au> wrote:
ecl>HX> Package: xfishtank
ecl>HX> Version: 2.2-1
ecl>HX> As the subject says, xfishtank dumps core at 16 bpp.  It
ecl>HX> works fine at 8 bpp, at least on my machine.
ecl>There is a version of xfishtank in sunsite.unc.edu that was patched to
ecl>work in "truecolor" mode. I include bellow the README.TrueColor
ecl>file from the file xfishtank2.0-truecolor.tar.gz.
ecl>Hope this helps, Emilio.
ecl>    When I switched to TrueColor on my Linux box, I found that
ecl>    xfishtank just crash with a segmentation fault, how
ecl>    frustrating. Digging into the code, I found that it only support
ecl>    depths 1-8. Thanks to John Cwikla's article:
ecl>        The X Color Context: Color Management For (Almost) Any Occasion
ecl>         in The X Advisor: June 1995 - Vol 1 No 1. http://www.unx.com/DD/advisor
ecl>    I got xfishtank to support TrueColor. I've only tested it on Linux
ecl>    running XFree86-3.1.2 in 16 and 24 bpp. If anybody can get it to
ecl>    work on other platform or other video modes, please drop me a
ecl>    line.
ecl>    I have no idea what this version will do in DirectColor modes
ecl>    because I have no way of testing. This version ignores the -C
ecl>    (color limit) flag when running in > 8 bpp modes. There's no need
ecl>    for limitting the number of color in TrueColor modes right?
ecl>    You may use, redistribute this version as long as you keep all the
ecl>    READMEs and copyright stuff with the code. This is to ensure
ecl>    credit goes to those deserve.  After all, I did not write this
ecl>    code. I only add TrueColor support.
ecl>    There no warranty of any kind. Use this code at your own
ecl>    risk. Don't blame me for any damage it may cause. Bugfixes and
ecl>    comments are welcome.
ecl>    Enjoy,
ecl>    TJ Phan
ecl>    phan@aur.alcatel.com
ecl>                 Emilio C. Lopes <mailto:ecl@finpe.if.usp.br>
ecl>               Instituto de Fisica da Universidade de Sao Paulo
ecl>             Caixa Postal 66318, 05389-970 Sao Paulo - SP, BRAZIL
ecl>              Phone: (+55) (11) 818-6724 (Voice) / 818-6715 (Fax)

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