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Bug#4392: xfishtank coredumps at 16bpps

>>>>> "HX" == Herbert Xu <herbert@greathan.apana.org.au> wrote:

HX> Package: xfishtank
HX> Version: 2.2-1

HX> As the subject says, xfishtank dumps core at 16 bpp.  It
HX> works fine at 8 bpp, at least on my machine.

There is a version of xfishtank in sunsite.unc.edu that was patched to
work in "truecolor" mode. I include bellow the README.TrueColor
file from the file xfishtank2.0-truecolor.tar.gz.

Hope this helps, Emilio.

    When I switched to TrueColor on my Linux box, I found that
    xfishtank just crash with a segmentation fault, how
    frustrating. Digging into the code, I found that it only support
    depths 1-8. Thanks to John Cwikla's article:
        The X Color Context: Color Management For (Almost) Any Occasion
         in The X Advisor: June 1995 - Vol 1 No 1. http://www.unx.com/DD/advisor
    I got xfishtank to support TrueColor. I've only tested it on Linux
    running XFree86-3.1.2 in 16 and 24 bpp. If anybody can get it to
    work on other platform or other video modes, please drop me a
    I have no idea what this version will do in DirectColor modes
    because I have no way of testing. This version ignores the -C
    (color limit) flag when running in > 8 bpp modes. There's no need
    for limitting the number of color in TrueColor modes right?
    You may use, redistribute this version as long as you keep all the
    READMEs and copyright stuff with the code. This is to ensure
    credit goes to those deserve.  After all, I did not write this
    code. I only add TrueColor support.
    There no warranty of any kind. Use this code at your own
    risk. Don't blame me for any damage it may cause. Bugfixes and
    comments are welcome.
    TJ Phan

                 Emilio C. Lopes <mailto:ecl@finpe.if.usp.br>
               Instituto de Fisica da Universidade de Sao Paulo
             Caixa Postal 66318, 05389-970 Sao Paulo - SP, BRAZIL
              Phone: (+55) (11) 818-6724 (Voice) / 818-6715 (Fax)

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