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Bug#4406: Problems with abuse

>>     -grab_pointer -2 -size 640 400
>Try just -2 -size 640 400

This works, but does not grab the pointer...

>> (2) X-Version
>>     Cannot save the game. Falls over with an error message
>>     about writing gamma.lsp. Tries setting the umask. I don't
>>     know where it is trying to write to, but my guess must be a
>>     permissions problem
>I'll take a look at this.

Running the program as root solves this problem. On
inspection, the abuse.x version is SGID root, which
should instead probably be SUID root. This seems to solve
my problems. Too bad the games and gamma.lsp files are not saved
to the user's home directory instead, but then I don't expect you
have the source code to make this possible ;-).

>> (3) Console Version
>>     abuse should have a dependency on aout-svgalib, as this is needed to
>>     get it to execute from the console. Maybe to seperate .deb files would
>>     be better, one for X and the other for console execution? That way the
>>     dependencies could be kept relatively clean.
>It depends on either X11R6 or aout-svgalib - if any wants me to set it for
>both, I'll consider it. I don't think separate .deb's are a good idea.

The problem I had was I had not installed aout-sgvalib, and on running sabuse
ldd complained about svgalib being the wrong exec format (it picked up the
elf version instead). It took me a while to figure out what was wrong.
Perhaps even pointing this out in /usr/doc/abuse would be a
distinct improvement.

Thanks again

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