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Re: Bug#4406: Problems with abuse

On Thu, 5 Sep 1996, Gordon Russell wrote:

> Package: abuse
> Version: 1.10-4
> Great game, but I am having quite a few problems with its configuration.
> (1) X-Version
>     Runs ok without options. Instructions suggest to use 
>     -grap_pointer -2 -size 640 400
>     The program hates this, and says something like
>     "grabbing pointer... pausing for -2 seconds" and then
>     hangs up.

Try just -2 -size 640 400

> (2) X-Version
>     Cannot save the game. Falls over with an error message
>     about writing gamma.lsp. Tries setting the umask. I don't
>     know where it is trying to write to, but my guess must be a
>     permissions problem

I'll take a look at this.

> (3) Console Version
>     abuse should have a dependency on aout-svgalib, as this is needed to
>     get it to execute from the console. Maybe to seperate .deb files would
>     be better, one for X and the other for console execution? That way the
>     dependencies could be kept relatively clean.

It depends on either X11R6 or aout-svgalib - if any wants me to set it for
both, I'll consider it. I don't think separate .deb's are a good idea.

> (4) Console Version.
>     Has anyone ever got this version to run? It dies on me complaining
>     about the mouse. It asks me to set MOUSE_TYPE is I have no MS compatible
>     mouse, so;
>       (i) If I use a MS mouse and set the conf file in etc/vga correctly
>           it says that it could not find the mouse driver.

Was support compiled into the kernel?

>       (ii)If I set MOUSE_TYPE then it either says that the mouse type
>           is unrecognised (I tries a MouseSystems), or that it is recognised
>           but that the mouse driver is not present.
>     What is wrong here is anyones guess...
> I am using the standard buzz-fixed distribution.
> Thanks
>   Gordon
> PS Great game!
>    (I can still play it under X if I have a small screen and don't save, but
>     it is hard!)

I'll try to get a fixed abuse out with a week or two (hopefully I can fix
it this weekend).

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