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Bug#4406: Problems with abuse

Package: abuse
Version: 1.10-4

Great game, but I am having quite a few problems with its configuration.
(1) X-Version
    Runs ok without options. Instructions suggest to use 
    -grap_pointer -2 -size 640 400
    The program hates this, and says something like
    "grabbing pointer... pausing for -2 seconds" and then
    hangs up.
(2) X-Version
    Cannot save the game. Falls over with an error message
    about writing gamma.lsp. Tries setting the umask. I don't
    know where it is trying to write to, but my guess must be a
    permissions problem
(3) Console Version
    abuse should have a dependency on aout-svgalib, as this is needed to
    get it to execute from the console. Maybe to seperate .deb files would
    be better, one for X and the other for console execution? That way the
    dependencies could be kept relatively clean.
(4) Console Version. 
    Has anyone ever got this version to run? It dies on me complaining
    about the mouse. It asks me to set MOUSE_TYPE is I have no MS compatible
    mouse, so;
      (i) If I use a MS mouse and set the conf file in etc/vga correctly
          it says that it could not find the mouse driver.
      (ii)If I set MOUSE_TYPE then it either says that the mouse type
          is unrecognised (I tries a MouseSystems), or that it is recognised
          but that the mouse driver is not present.
    What is wrong here is anyones guess...

I am using the standard buzz-fixed distribution.

PS Great game!
   (I can still play it under X if I have a small screen and don't save, but
    it is hard!)

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