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Re: shlibdeps

In article <199609030814.KAA06405@circe.informatik.rwth-aachen.de> you write:
>Are we supposed to use dpkg-shlibdeps for all dependecies upon shared libs?

I believe so, yes.

>Or is it just for the three (or so) installed in /etc/dpkg/shlibs.default?

Ian will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think (under the New Scheme of
Things) packages which provide shared libraries should have a
debian/shlibs file detailing the appropriate dependency information.

Until all packages which provide shared libraries are converted to
provide this file, we could:

(1) Have all the shlibs information in /etc/dpkg/shlibs.default. (This
happened with the X libraries.)

or (2) Temporarily put the appropriate information in
debian/shlibs.local in the package with the dependency on the shared

IMO neither of these is wonderful; thoughts?


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