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Re: Distribution-HOWTO entry for Debian


The description looks good to me overall.  Here are a couple comments and

     4.3.  Debian Linux Distribution

	   Ian A. Murdock & The Debian Linux Association, Station 11, P.O.
	   Box 3121, West Lafayette, IN 47906, USA

	   Net: debian-user@lists.debian.org
	   WWW:  <http://www.debian.org/>
	   FTP:  <ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/doc/>

- Should the ftp URL actually point to .../debian/doc or just .../debian?

	Provider's Description:
	   Debian Linux 1.1 is a complete and fully-functional Unix-
	   compatible operating system for the personal

- sub "for x86-based PCs"?  ("specifically" is awkward here)
				    Debian 1.1 is completely ELF.  At the
	   moment Debian Linux is only available for the IBM PC, but it is
	   worked on versions for Sparc, m68k and Alpha machines.

- "being worked on"
- s/machines/architectures/

	   Debian Linux is an easy to upgrade distribution that mostly

- "easy-to-upgrade" or "easily upgradable"

	   consists of freely redistributable software from a number of
	   different sources and systems.  Non-free packages are also
	   available for the sake of a round system.

- s/round/well-rounded/

	   The benefit of Debian Linux is it's upgradability, well defined

- s/benefit/benefits/
- s/is/are/
- s/it's/its/
- s/well defined/well-defined/

	   dependencies between packages and its open development.  It is

- s/packages/packages,/

	   only distribution for Linux that is developed in the internet

- s/only/the only/
- s/is/is being/
- s/internet/Internet/

	   due to the spirit of Linux and free software and not by a
	   handfull of individuals.  More than 100 package maintainers are

- s/handfull/handful/

	   working on about 500 packages and improving Debian Linux.  Even
	   more users are are filing bugreports if there should be any.

- s/are are/are/
- s/bugreports/bug reports/
- "if there..." sounds odd.  Maybe "Debian sports a well-thought-out bug
tracking system by which it users can easily report discovered bugs."

	   Debian Linux is a very dynamic distribution.  It is also very
	   picky about security concerns and bugs.  Once a bug or security
	   hint is reported it will be elilminated very quickly.  A new


	   release of the package will soon occur on well-known ftp

	   For more information about Debian Linux, please refer to the
	   files at  <ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/doc/> or visit our World
	   Wide Web page at  <http://www.debian.org/>.

	Internet Access:
	   Debian GNU/Linux is available via anonymous FTP from

	Entry last modified:
	   12 June 1996

	Editor's comments:
	   If you're interested in joining this project be invited to

- s/be/you are/

	   subscribe to either debian-user@lists.debian.org or debian-
	   devel@lists.debian.org by sending a mail to debian-user-
	   request@lists.debian.org (or debian-devel-request respectively)
	   with the word "help" in the subject line.

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