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Re: Remarks on most recent installation

Martin Schulze writes ("Remarks on most recent installation"):
> d) It is difficult to choose which libreadline on should install,
>    becaus the package `libreadline2-dev' is too long for dselect and
>    will be cut to `libreadline2'
> e) The same happenes with dpkg:
>    namib!joey:/tmp> dpkg -l |grep libread
>    ii  libreadline2    2.0-15         GNU readline and history libraries, runtime
>    ii  libreadline2-de 2.0-15         GNU readline and history libraries. Developm

I'd be interested in suggestions for how to deal with this in dselect
and dpkg, without disturbing the general list structure &c too much.

> h) I had problems with the installation via NFS because the scripts
>    forgot to put the $mountpoint in front of the relative path to
>    access the binary directories.

Can you tell me which dpkg you were using ?  A transcript of the
broken behaviour would be very useful too.


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