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Remarks on most recent installation

Good day Bruce,

I hope you find you day going well.  I have installed another Debian
machine yesterday and went into several problems, confusing and funny
situations.  I'd like to let you know so that you can fix existing

I'm not sure which one is a real bug, so I first report them here and
then report some of them as bugs.

a) The section "Select Moduls" _is_ confusing.  If it works than it is
   really confusing otherwise it is boken.

   When I try to activate a module it isn't shown as activated (as it
   is told in the leading text area), there's always a `-' sign
   (saying this module is not activated)

b) After some time I came to the section "Select Keyboard". I have
   installed a non-US keyboard. Funnily the Curser has lost it's color
   and capability to move, I had to type blind, only the result - if
   mistyped - was displayed.  I don't know why this could happen, but
   it should fixed soon.

c) I have enabled two nameserver, they were accepted but not written
   with the correct syntax.  I've gotten:


   Notice that all is written in one line instead of the max. of three
   lines with nameserver and _one_ ip number.

d) It is difficult to choose which libreadline on should install,
   becaus the package `libreadline2-dev' is too long for dselect and
   will be cut to `libreadline2'

e) The same happenes with dpkg:

   namib!joey:/tmp> dpkg -l |grep libread
   ii  libreadline2    2.0-15         GNU readline and history libraries, runtime
   ii  libreadline2-de 2.0-15         GNU readline and history libraries. Developm

f) The perl (5.002-7) package recommends two packages called source or
   includes which don't exist.  I think they're renamed into
   kernel-source and kernel-header.  I'm not sure, please check this
   against the ftp archive and/or the list of pseudo packages.

g) tin, trn and emacs should provide the pseudo package `news-reader'
   I think this should be filed as a single bugreport to every of
   these packages, right?

h) I had problems with the installation via NFS because the scripts
   forgot to put the $mountpoint in front of the relative path to
   access the binary directories.

i) minicom needs perl as /bin/perl but it is in /usr/bin/perl. :(



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