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Re: new syslogd

You write:

}When I installed the new 1.3-6 syslogd I got the following during

}starting /sbin/syslogd ...
}  syslogd: network logging disabled (syslog/udp service unknown).
}  syslogd: see syslog(8) for details of whether and how to enable it.:
}Operation not permitted

This should not happen.

}starting /sbin/klogd ...
}klogd: already running.

}It's not clear what Operation is not permitted, but something in the
}post-inst script probably failed.

I seem to remember that the operation that isn't permitted is binding
a port or similar, I'm not sure at the moment.

Dwarf, just enable the entry syslog/udp in the /etc/services file and
the message vanishes.  According to the documentation which represents
the code, this is not a risk as you still have control over receiption
of syslog messages from the I-Net, you have to add `-r' to the
argument list if you want to, otherwise the port isn't opened ofr

}I also noticed that this package provides, replaces, and conflicts with
}syslogd. Is this right? I suspect that the conflicts may be what is
}causing the recent user posting about dselect being unwilling to remove
}the old package?

According to Ian J. this is correct.

}In any case it doesn't seem to be a robust installation yet.


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