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Re: Upgrade notes...

From: Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net>

> There have been a number of requests for upgrade notes. I have been
> pointing these people to my machine for my notes and upgrade script. 
> Is there any reason that I should not put these files into debian/upgrade?
> I have uploaded them to my home directory on master, so if you give the go
> ahead, I can move them into debian/upgrade from there. I suspect a posting
> to debian-announce would then be in order, as well as some kind of regular
> posting to debian-user in response to those users who still ask.
> Does this sound ok to you?

I think it would be fine to move them into unstable/upgrade-i386 .

Please have Ray set up the appropriate web page links. Note that I've
tried to make the disks-i386/current directory as web-browser-friendly
as possible (look at the README, and the file suffixes). That might be
worth emulating.

[ATTENTION IAN JACKSON] I also think the a.out version of dpkg belongs
in the upgrade directory, rather than in the unstable/binary-i386/base
directory, because I don't want people to upgrade an ELF dpkg to a.out .
Let's wait to get Ian's call on that.


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