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Re: Upgrade notes...

Bruce Perens writes ("Re:  Upgrade notes..."):
> From: Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net>
> > There have been a number of requests for upgrade notes. I have been
> > pointing these people to my machine for my notes and upgrade script. 
> > Is there any reason that I should not put these files into debian/upgrade?
> > I have uploaded them to my home directory on master, so if you give the go
> > ahead, I can move them into debian/upgrade from there. I suspect a posting
> > to debian-announce would then be in order, as well as some kind of regular
> > posting to debian-user in response to those users who still ask.
> > Does this sound ok to you?
> I think it would be fine to move them into unstable/upgrade-i386 .

Please put my upgrade instructions in the same directory, at least as
prominently.  There should be no problems with them, that I know of at
the moment, though they do require an up-to-date Packages file.

These instructions are:

1. Install by hand the latest version of the a.out dpkg from the
upgrades directory, eg `dpkg --install dpkg-1.2.4.deb'.

2. Run dselect.  Go through Access/Update/Select/Install/Remove in
order, using the unstable tree.  (This will get them the latest ELF

I know that they're very short, but that's the whole point of having a
fancy package management system and a powerful front-end like dselect.

NOTE: when we release 1.1 and make `stable' point to it you'll have to
tell people to make dselect use `stable' rather than `unstable', of


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