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Re: Overrides file additions

Manoj Srivastava writes ("Re: Overrides file additions"):
> 	I have a question about the kernel-image-X.X.XX packages.
> They are "Required" in the sense that a system without a kernel image
> is, well, not a unix system at all.


> 	However, any particular kernel-image-X.X.XX package is not
> required to be on the system, I could have a different version, or I
> might be using other means to boot the system (floppy, loadlin, etc),
> and this the image package is merely an "Important" one.


> 	I think that a kernel image is just Important, not required.

Making a package Required in dselect doesn't stop people removing it,
it merely tells them that they probably shouldn't.

> Also, now each version of the image package is a separate package, so
> it won't automatically upgrade the old images. Since it is well nigh
> impossible to get rid of an old, "Required", kernel image using
> dselect, it should not be labeled Required.

Why is it impossible to get rid of an old Required kernel image ?

> 	If the latter (kernel image == Important) is the case, then
> the override file should be so modified.

Indeed, but I disagree with your analysis so far.  If you'd like to
explain in more detail I'll be happy to listen.


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