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Re: /etc/sysconf ? /etc/<somethingelse> ?

Ian Jackson writes:
>Many packages are finding themselves in need of a directory to place
>one or two small files which are read by initialisation scripts.
>For example, /etc/papersize could be here (though perhaps we don't
>want to move it now), as could files telling the rc.boot scripts which
>keyboard map to load.  The timezone package could put its record of
>which timezone has been copied to /etc here.
>It's clear to me that we need this directory; it's less clear to me
>what it is called.

SVR4 has a directory called /etc/default which contains default
settings for a large number of applications.  The files are all in
key=value format.  If someone decides to implement this under Linux
then it could prove inconvenient if we've gone and used /etc/default
for our own purposes.

How about /etc/config?  I'm against /etc/sysconf on aesthetic grounds
only, I can see no technical reason why it would be problematic.

- Richard

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