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Re: /etc/sysconf ? /etc/<somethingelse> ?

>>>>> Ian Jackson writes:
> Please discuss the matter here, and then in a week or two we'll take
> a decision.  If no consensus has been reached I'll punt the decision
> to Bruce for a pronouncement-by-fiat :-).  Let's not have another
> filename parsing wrangle here.

I think we should align Debian along the SVID (System V Interface
Definition), the XPG (X/Open Portability Guide) and the SingleUnix
Specification (aka Spec1170) which basically means that all
configuration data are stored in /etc/default/ (Irix uses
/etc/config.d, HP-UX 10 uses /etc/rc.config.d, but both of them are
not SVR4 in the strict sense of the term).

IMHO it was a poor move of the FSSTND group (where i participated at
that time) to abandon /etc/default/ and other SysV specifics because
the majority did not want to alienate the BSD-philics.  Poor move,
because they would run *BSD sooner or later anyway.

Lets play the System V card; whic we did already with our choice of
sysvinit, ncurses (terminfo!) and the binary format (also adopting an
iBCS2-compatible ELF would have been more sensible).


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