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Re: The return of RMS and GNU/Linux

david@elo.ods.com (David Engel) writes:
> I think you're probably right.  I'm curious as to how other GNU
> contributors feel about this.  Mark Eichin, you work for Cygnus, don't
> you?

Yes, and although I'm on gnu-prog, and a number of other fsf lists,
the appearance of this in the emacs configuration was the first time I
noticed it. It may have been discussed among emacs maintainers, I
haven't asked, but it hasn't been discussed any broader than that. I'm
curious if he talked to HJ Lu about it though :-)

Note also that I don't work on the development/gnu tools directly any
more (other than occasional "personal" fixes) but instead work on
Cygnus' computer security (kerberos-based) products. This puts me a
bit out of the loop on this kind of thing... but it's still odd that I
haven't heard *anything*...

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