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Re: Package and package file naming and versioning (was: Re: underscores)

From: Bill Mitchell <mitchell@mdd.comm.mot.com>
> And, if the upstream package author places '-' and/or '_' chars
> and/or other arbitrary chars in his package names and/or in his package
> version numbers [...]

Dashes work anywhere without a problem. Embedded underbars in the package
name or version number would have to be converted to dashes. In the case
of the 5 or 6 packages (some of which seem to be obsolete) that have
embedded underbars in the package name, their package name would change
and they would provide the old name as a virtual package to ease conversion

> And what chars, if any, are to be disallowed in debian revision numbers?

Underbar, white space, and shell metacharacters. The same goes for package


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