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Re: Underscores: cgi_modules, npasswd_boulder, ucbmpeg_play

Dale Scheetz writes ("Re: Underscores: cgi_modules, npasswd_boulder, ucbmpeg_play"):
> On Fri, 24 May 1996, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > Underscores are not permitted in package names.
> Why? I never heard a reasoned argument for this, during the last "package
> nameing" thread. Can you make it clear why this is not allowed?
> The fact that we are going to require them in file name context but
> disallow them in control file context is going to yield a high degree of
> confusion for users when trying to find out the status of a package's
> installation.
> OTOH, if dpkg "corrected" the package file argument from it's command line
> before using the name (via replacement of all _ with -) the user would
> never have to know about the difference.

We're discussing this matter `behind closed doors' at the moment.

I'm afraid we're likely just to come out with a decree saying what
everyone must do.  This debate has gone on far too long and wasted far
too much of everybody's time, and it's clear that there is no solution
that will please everyone.


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