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Re: Possible problem with "install-info"

Bill Mitchell writes ("Re: Possible problem with "install-info""):
> On Sat, 18 May 1996, Brian C. White wrote:
> >I noticed that my info "dir" has duplicated headings.  Is this a
> >problem?
> There are no doubt a large number of mangled dir files among the
> debian user population by now.  A week or three ago, someone (I
> don't recall who I should credit for this) posted a script to
> attempt a repair.  I suggested at that time that the dir file
> repair functionality be integrated with install-info so that
> it would examine the dir file when run and effect any needed
> repairs.  Is this reasonable?  If so, can it be put fairly high
> on the to-do list?

Yes, this is reasonable, but my to-do list is already full of
high-priority items.

Can someone else look at this and send me an updated install-info ?

AFAICT the changes that need to be done to it are:

* Not create duplicate headings (I don't know how this is happening).
* Merge several duplicate headings into one.
* Move the *Menu line above the first heading, to fix the
  earlier bug.


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