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Re: Malformed package entries

Brian C. White writes ("Malformed package entries"):
> I was under the impression that the "section:" field was
> mandatory in the "Packages" files (though not necessarily
> in the control file).

It is.

The `section' field in the Packages files (and the `priority' field
too) are generated from the overrides files in ~iwj/masterfiles/ on
master.  The distribution maintainer needs to edit these files to have
entries for all the packages you list below.

The daily cron job on master is producing a lot of output about these;
I hope that the disribution maintainer, if there is one, is reading
this mail !

>    The following packages do not have
> such an entry, though at least "weblint" has one specified
> in the control file.  Unfortunately, weblint lists its section
> as "non-free" when it is located in the unstable/.../text
> directory.  Perhaps I should send a bug report about that...

Yes, this is a bug.  If it ought to be in non-free then it's a bug in
the overrides file and the archive; if it ought to be in text then
it's a bug in weblint.


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