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Re: Bug#3045: Pine looks for config files in /usr/local/lib

Craig Sanders writes ("Re: Bug#3045: Pine looks for config files in /usr/local/lib"):
> Strange, i reported this as a bug a few days ago and got an acknowledgement
> as Bug #3011.
> Doesn't look like my bug report made it debian-devel...

The bug tracking system received it and sent it on to debian-devel,
via pixar.  Here are the Smail log entries for the message being
injected into the mailer on ursa.cus.cam.ac.uk and then sent to pixar:

05/16/96 01:18:04: [m0uJqlY-000111C] received
|            from: iwj10
|         program: sendmail
|         orig-id: <debian-bugs-handler.3011.B05160011520@pixar.com>
|            size: 2047 bytes

05/16/96 01:18:08: [m0uJqlY-000111C] delivered
|             via: pixar.pixar.com
|              to: debian-devel@pixar.com
|         orig-to: debian-devel@pixar.com
|          router: bind
|       transport: smtp

05/16/96 01:18:08: [m0uJqlY-000111C] Completed.

Where is it now ?

I've since changed the bug system to send stuff to
debian-devel@lists.debian.org instead.


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