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Uploading sysklogd 1.3-3

Hi folks!

I'll upload another release later.

 This package replaces old syslogd-packages. (*)

 Format: 1.5
 Date: Fri May 17 10:09:41 MET DST 1996
 Package: sysklogd
 Version: 1.3-3
 Section: base
 Priority: required
 Essential: yes
 Distribution: unstable
 Architecture: i386
 Depends: libc5
 Conflicts: syslogd
 Replaces: syslogd
 Provides: syslogd
 Maintainer: Martin Schulze <joey@linux.de>
 Description: Kernel and system logging daemons.

Sun May 12 13:36:55 1996  Martin Schulze  <joey@linux.de>

	* klogd won't log old messages anymore (Bug#2337)
	I have applied the patch from Chris Hanson.

	* I have put another start-stop-daemon call in the startup script
	so the configs are reloaded on startup. This should
	help. (Bug#2552)

	* Sysklogd takes care of this and createst /dev/xconsole if it
	doesn't exist during installation. (Bug#2683)

	* I have corrected permissions of /dev/xconsole. (Bug#2837)
	removed auth.* from it, too.

	* introduced two binary packages: syslogd and sysklogd which
	exclude each other

sysklogd-1.3-3.i386.deb     40204 binary/base
sysklogd-1.3-3.diff.gz       6332 source/base
sysklogd-1.3-3.tar.gz       66601 source/base

dda94990cd3632394c5ad0929413df52  sysklogd-1.3-3.i386.deb
0a668ac22929f8fbcb6e4e4105b887e1  sysklogd-1.3-3.diff.gz
f73589f01be83c341344e7a9460e6e52  sysklogd-1.3-3.tar.gz

(*) Dear FTP maintainer, could you please remove all incarnations of
    syslogd out of the archive. Thank you.



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 / http://www.debian.org/              http://home.pages.de/~joey/
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