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dselect complaints

Ian Jackson:
 > I'm not interested in hearing any more complaints or even extensive
 > suggestions for improvement, unless the person complaining is
 > volunteering to do the work on a new interface.

Along that line, could you (when you have time) provide a few pointers
on how you see the code structure?  In other words, where should a
person focus attention when re-designing the user interface?  [Hints
and/or reference material here -- nothing major.]

[Yes, I know it can be a big mistake to jump into design work before
the analysis work is complete.  But they can happen concurrently and
it's often a good idea to get the biggest problem solved before going
on to the next stage.  In my mind, at least, I think I know what I'd
consider the two biggest problems.]

Also, if it turns out that dselect needs another internal interface to
the underlying data, how would you prefer this kind of thing be
approached (again, just looking for a few simple options, and maybe a
way of locating the right source module -- nothing major).



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