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Uploading at 2.9b-1

Hi folks,

I'll upload at 2.9b-1 later.

The reason for the upload is a new upstream release, 2.9b and some bugs

 Format: 1.5
 Date: Tue May 14 23:53:32 MET DST 1996
 Package: at
 Version: 2.9b-1
 Section: admin
 Priority: important
 Distribution: unstable
 Architecture: i386
 Depends: libc5, cron, bsdutils
 Maintainer: Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.north.de>
 Pre-Depends: libc5 (>=5.2.18-1)
 Description: Delayed job execution and batch processing
 Changes: * new upstream version, new maintainer
	  * removed at.allow from conffiles (Bug#2901)
	  * rewrote the debian.rules file (Bug#2903)
	  * relaxed the /etc/crontab-modifier (Bug#2144)

at-2.9b-1.i386.deb          18470 binary/admin
at-2.9b-1.diff.gz            4755 source/admin
at-2.9b-1.tar.gz            34900 source/admin

3cf3e64b407ccc2148d98975a6f6a6c9  at-2.9b-1.i386.deb
2cb08695a1e07116a5671a0e966d10fb  at-2.9b-1.diff.gz
bb4b308e7af4cd59ba8de5de191575b1  at-2.9b-1.tar.gz



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