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I'm currently the Debian svgalib maintainer.

svgalib has really needed upgrading to the latest upstream version for
some time now - it's two versions behind already - but I don't really
have the time or energy to work on it at the moment (ElectricMail's
sales team is too good... l-)

If no-one volunteers to take svgalib over then I may in fact get round
to it some time, but I can't promise anything.  My system is still
playing catch-up on the ELF conversion to some extent (big downloads
last night and today...)


Other packages that I maintain for Debian - vm, itimer and majordomo -
don't, as far as I know, have any urgent work to do on them.

- Richard

GCS d- s+:- a-- C++ ULVS+++$ P+++ L++ E++ W(++,--) N(++,+) o? K w---
O? M- V? PS(+,+++) PE Y+ PGP+ t- 5++ X+@ R tv--- b++>++++ DI+ D+ G e++
h r% y++

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