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Kernel versions/PCMCIA

I was poking around master and I have another
question.  Maybe I wasn't looking in the right
place, but it looks like kernel 1.3.97 is no
longer in the devel section.  There were some
kernel 1.3.100 stuffs there.  My PCMCIA .deb
is built off of 1.3.97.  From what I can see,
someone could d/l 1.1 Beta (once my PCMCIA
arrives from Incoming) and not be able to use
the PCMCIA support.

Should I build PCMCIA off of 1.3.100 now?  If
I do, will 100 be phased out before the "new"
PCMCIA makes it to the tree again?  Is it
reasonable for me to build off of every kernel
if that means there'll be a new release every
week, each depending on yet another specific
kernel version?

I'd really appreciate some kind of answer.
There seems no point to doing anything further
with PCMCIA if the packages go obsolete before
leaving Incoming.  Is PCMCIA not important for
the 1.1 release?  Let me know.


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