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Bug#3036: automatic adduser/addgroup in postinst (was Re: fingerd)

I would have, in fact, had qmail allocate the uid's on the
fly... except that
	1) the uid's need to have certain group id's, which add_user
couldn't handle
	2) the uid's needed to be distinct, which add_user couldn't
handle either :-) [that bug has just been closed though]
	3) the guidelines at the time recommended that uids like this
be preallocated in base...

given all of this, I requested them from Bruce as advised.

>  anything that needs 8 compiled-in uids is being
> gratuitous in its use of an obviously limited resource.

Not sure what's "obviously limited" about uids (other than that
they're only 16 bit, welcome to the 70's :-) but in this case it
*does* need distinct uid's as part of it's security design. (See,
unlike sendmail, it *has* a security design :-)

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