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Re: Bug#3041: apache access logging uses IP numbers rather than hostnames

You (Austin Donnelly) wrote:
> In article <199605171456.QAA15778@picard.cistron.nl> you write:
> >You (Mike Coleman) wrote:
> >> Package: apache
> >> Version: 1.0.3-1
> >>
> >> Apache is using IP numbers rather than hostnames for all hosts, in
> >> access_log.
> >
> >Fixed in my upcoming interim 1.0.5 release.
> I though the point in not doing DNS lookups was that it increased the speed
> at which the server could operate.
> Doesn't it ship with "logresolve" which can be run to resolve the hostnames?

It does, but it is my experience that it doesn't really matter all that
much. Either you run a small server, on which raw speed isn't really
nessecary, or a big one which gets the cache of named filled soon enough
so that most DNS queries can be resolved from the cache.

Ofcourse this assumes you have a nameserver on the local network,
but that seems a reasonable assumption.

Anyway in the next apache version (the 1.1 series) this will not be
hardcoded anymore but made configurable.

I haven't uploaded the 1.0.5 version yet; if people want me to
change the default back to how it was I might do that, but I
think most people have DNS lookups turned on and will be suprised when
they move from another dist or their self compiled apache to the
debian one.

Replies appreciated, but I will upload apache-1.0.5 this weekend
because we are already falling behind with the release of 1.1...

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