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Bug#3049: kernel-source postinst and postrm have syntax errors

Hi bruce@pixar.com;  On 17-May-96 you wrote:
> > From: "Ariel O. Garcia" <ariel@cab.cnea.edu.ar>
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> kernel-source-1.3.100:
>  -- the *.postint *.postrm files have some lines for printing messages that
>    (dpkg/ perl/ bash ??) doesn't understand, because they have extra
>    spaces:
>             print STDERR << "ERR";
>                            ^------ somebody doesn't like it
>  -- postinst script complains asm-i386 directory doesn't exist (this is false,
>    but the script seems OK...)
>  -- can't run make menuconfig or make xconfig, and there are
>      kernel compilation breaks because there are some *.h files
>      missing (stdio.h ....) (should they be in /usr/src/linux/include?)
> -----------------------------------------------------------

Corrected.  Will be in the next kernel.

Sincerely Yours,           (Sent on 05/17/96, 11:46:59 by XF-Mail)

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