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Re: Bug#3035: nvi dumps core

In article <199605170328.WAA18929@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM> you write:
>anonymous@tad.micro.umn.edu wrote:
>> Package: nvi
>> Version: 1.34-12
>> nvi dumps core when I'm not running on the linux console.
>> My exact setup is:
>> terminal -- ibm pc running kermit (emulating vt320)
>> dial in to sparc running solaris 2.4
>> solaris TERM is vt100
>> telnet to linux box
>> vi dumps core every time I run it.
>Could you check the values of the environment variables ROWS and
>COLUMNS? If they are 0, then it dumps core. It will be fixed in the
>next release (RSN).

I think a better test might be to look at the "rows" and "columns" output
from typing "stty -a"


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