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Re: Bug#3035: nvi dumps core

Raul Miller:
 > >> ... vi dumps core every time I run it.

Steve Greenland:
 > >Could you check the values of the environment variables ROWS and
 > >COLUMNS? If they are 0, then it dumps core. It will be fixed in the
 > >next release (RSN).

Austin Donnelly:
 > I think a better test might be to look at the "rows" and "columns"
 > output from typing "stty -a"

Indeed, this is what I did.  And, having stty set rows and columns to
24 and 80 works around the problem.

[Incidentally, sorry about the anonymous mail -- I was running from a
root shell spawned by /bin/open from /etc/inittab, I didn't know that
it would come out as anonymous...]


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