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Bug#3020: amd has bad update-rc.d call.

Package: amd
Version: upl102-2

The line in the postinstall script:

     update-rc.d amd 35 >/dev/null

Generates the following error:

    update-rc.d: error: unknown mode or add action 35.
    usage: update-rc.d <basename> remove
	   update-rc.d <basename> defaults [<cn> | <scn> <kcn>]
	   update-rc.d <basename> start|stop <cn> <r> <r> .  ...

Adding the argument defaults corrects this:

     # update-rc.d amd defaults 35
      Adding system startup links pointing to /etc/init.d/amd ...
	rc2.d/S35amd -> ../init.d/amd
	rc3.d/S35amd -> ../init.d/amd
	rc4.d/S35amd -> ../init.d/amd
	rc5.d/S35amd -> ../init.d/amd
	rc0.d/K35amd -> ../init.d/amd
	rc1.d/K35amd -> ../init.d/amd
	rc6.d/K35amd -> ../init.d/amd

The update-rc.d comes from dpkg 1.1.6elf


Alvar Bray

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