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Re: xtel config problem

Christophe Le Bars wrote:
> I've made the xtel Debian package, but there are still somes problems...
> Indeed, xtel can only work if:
>         - there is this line in /etc/services (netbase package)
> xtel            1313/tcp                # french minitel

I just added the line to /etc/services. Just make sure your package
depends on netbase (>=2.04).

>         - this one in /etc/inetd.conf (netbase package)
> xtel            stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/X11/bin/xteld      xteld

You should use update-inetd or the DebianNet.pm perl module for it
(there are manual pages for both of them). For a simple example
just look at the biff package:

update-inetd --group MAIL --add "comsat         dgram   udp     wait    root    /usr/sbin/tcpd  /usr/sbin/in.comsat"

update-inetd --disable comsat
You can also use "update-inetd --remove ENTRY" to remove the entry if
you remove a package using --purge. You can use a regular expression

> I don't know if these lines should be add in netbase and xbase package or
> if i must add these lines with a postint script...

/etc/services shouldn't be modified by packages and /etc/inetd.conf
should only be modified using update-inetd or DebianNet.pm.



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