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Re: http daemon suggestion/proposal

cjf@netaxs.com (Chris Fearnley)  wrote on 15.05.96 in <199605150912.FAA05076@syntropy.netaxs.com>:

> > What's so special about web?   :-)
> >
> > Seriously, a web server is just another daemon.  It should follow the same
> > file-system layout conventions as all the other servers & daemons.
> Like ftpd, maybe?

This one already is horribly wrong.

> > What's wrong with /var/lib/apache and /var/lib/cern-httpd?
> No one else does it this way.  Please, let's not be non-standard when

"Non-standard"? That is ridiculous.

> there is no compelling "right" way to do it.  Everyone's ideas /could/

Well, there _is_ an _obviously_ wrong way, and that is to put it in /home.  
Please, let's keep to FSSTND.

> be right, but unless you want to go through FSSTND to get /var
> accepted as the standard location, let's use what others' are using.

While the FSSTND does not mention the place to put public directories for  
any service, uucp, ftp, or http, it _does_ say that /home is for user home  
directories, and it does give rationales for deciding where in /usr and  
/var to put stuff.

Please, let's choose places that at least somewhat resemble the obvious  
intent here.

MfG Kai

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