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Re: tkdesk

Dale Scheetz wrote:
> When I try to run tkdesk I get the following:
> font "-*-helvetica-medium-r-*-*-14-*" doesn't exist
>     while executing
> I have installed all the fonts in the x11 section to no avail. Xearth
> complains about fonts but loads the defaults when it can't find the ones
> it wants. Seems I have seen xpaint also complain about fonts. What can I
> be missing?

I just ran into this with Tk in general, and found the solution
was simple (for me at least): have you restarted your X server?
Apparently the new fonts aren't pick up dynamically (i'm sure
there's some way to do it, but I'm not an X guy).

If your using xdm, logging out and then back in won't do
it: I *think* ^C on the xdm login will do it (it restarts
xdm, not sure about the server). 

(I realized what the problem was when I rebooted for other
reasons, and when it came back up, I had all these neat
new fonts on the xdm screen :-)).

Steve Greenland

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