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Re: dchanges problems/inconsistencies

Ian Jackson writes:
>Andy Guy writes ("Re: dchanges problems/inconsistencies "):
>> Note: there is a new version (3.3) of dchanges siting in Incoming.
>> Ian Jackson writes:
>> >
>> >I've just started thinking about my own script to produce dchanges
>> >files, and I've come across a few inconsistencies/problems/misfeatures
>> >in the dchanges format:
>> If you are going to do this why not make this the official one?
>> A couple of people have come out of the wood work and said they don't
>> like having to use python.  (It is currently a shell script and I'll
>> probably keep it that way for now).
>I don't think my version will suit everyone, because it appears that
>different people have different ways of working :-)

Of course they may prefer yours?

>> >Perhaps the upgrade priority (the former of the two) should be
>> >renamed, but I don't have a good name for it.
>> In my working notes for an automated system I have dropped it as being
>> confusing and unnecessary.  Nothing planned will use it and if it
>> upgrade is important a note should be added (I suppose in the future
>> if some comes up with a system that processes the changes file mailing
>> list and upgrades there sytem there might be a use).
>Well, I was thinking that that field was often useful for the humans
>reading the package announcements - it tells them how much they need
>to go out of their way to install the package sooner rather than

Ok, now I have a reason for it lets keep it.  But it needs a new name
- UpgradePriority: is a bit long.

<deleted - multiple distributions - I will fix this some how>

>> >* How do I specify that a file is not a normal .deb file for placement
>> >in the distribution, but needs maintainer attention ?  Is there a way
>> >of suggesting a location ?
>> Use sf= override to add special files (basically to be handled
>> directly by the distribution maintainer.) (This is documented.)
>Err, sf= is a dchanges option, isn't it ?  I was wanting to know what
>the syntax is in the changes file, because I'm trying to replace
>dchanges ...

Sorry, set the section to "byhand" and priority to "-" (for the moment
- version 2.0 will use the File: field with subfields so you can set
the destination).  


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