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Re: Inclusion of kernel version in kernel package names: A followup


>>"Ian" == Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk> writes:

Ian> I don't think that using dpkg's dependency mechanisms is appropriate
Ian> here, because people are always compiling their own kernels.

Ian> Perhaps the kernel image prerm should check that the kernel being
Ian> removed isn't the default one in lilo.conf, and/or that it isn't the
Ian> only one.

	Ulp. I was afraid someone would suggest that. I see. Well, I
 guess I could check lilo.conf, and see what the first image = line
 says. (and look for other, backup, image = lines). 

	I could also look in / for /vmlinuz* (following symlinks, and
 see if there are any that are not mine (as in belonging to postrm)).

	Repeat in /boot.

	I could also ask dpkg about what it thinks.

	If people have kernels not called vmlinuz*, then I can't see
 them. Ayup. 

	So, hunt for kernels in prerm, and ask people if they really
 want to remove this kernel. If so, in postrm, remind them to fix lilo
 and rerun?

	I could make prerm silent, but I don't yet trust the guessing
 capability of this script (after all, it ain't even written yet!). 

	People, this could take some time to do right. Also, all you
 kernel-compilers out there, could you mail me the locations of your
 primary and backup kernels, please? (an incentive is that that way
 the future image scripts would try to cater to your preferences).

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