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Re: advice on package

Maarten Boekhold writes ("advice on package"):
> I'm the maintainer of slrn, a newsreader. This newsreader depends on 
> libslang. Now, the different versions of libslang are not compatible with 
> each other, so when somebody upgrades libslang without upgrading slrn 
> also, slrn breaks. Other ways around also: when somebody upgrades slrn 
> (which is presumably linked with a different version of libslang the user 
> has), slrn breaks too.
> Does anybody has any suggestions on how this should be handled? I myself 
> was thinking of something like 'Depends: libslang (=version)'.
> Will this approach catch all possible misconfigurations?
> Suggestions are very welcome

The conventional approach is to encode the major number of the shared
library into the package name.


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