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Re: messages in the postinst

torin@daft.com writes ("Re: messages in the postinst"):
> Moved from debian-bugs to debian-devel since this has nothing to do with
> fortran anymore.
> joost, in an immanent manifestation of deity, wrote:
> >> While I admire the humour to some extent, I cannot fail to point out that at
> >> least the `read' at the end of the postinst is in complete violation of the
> >> guidelines (which have "minimise user interaction" as a theme).
> >
> >I'm sorry, I wasn't aware of that.
> Except that in Bug #1818, Ian J. says it's a bug for perl not to put a
> prompt up:
> >(b) This message should, if it turns out to be necessary, be
> >accompanied by a prompt, so that the user doesn't miss it.
> Which is correct?

Both.  Perl should try to avoid the need for the message at all; if
the message is necessary then a prompt is probably necessary too.


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