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Re: http daemon suggestion/proposal

> From: Erick Branderhorst <branderhorst@fgg.eur.nl>
> Subject: http daemon suggestion/proposal
> Hi developers,
> I would like to suggest some about a file structure related to http 
> daemons. At this moment apache and cern-httpd define their own directories
> where to store their cgi-bin / webspace stuff etc. 
> For packages depending on this structure (not so many right now but some
> nice cgi-bin scripts provided via packages might be very usefull: debian
> man/info/??? 2 html documentation daemon) it is required that some fixed
> file structure is provided. 
> Putting cgi-bin etc. in /usr/lib/cern-httpd like cern-httpd does isn't good
> IMO because this might be a readonly if /usr is mounted readonly. Putting
> cgi-bin etc. in /var/web/ isn't what I think /var should be used for, I

Why not?  /var is intended for data that might (or is likely to) change.

> think that the best place (but who am I to say) is a user named www, or 
> perhaps a user named apache or a user named cern-httpd. 

This sounds like the process whereby /usr went from the filesystem for
user files to a filesystem in which users could not put files.  People
kept coming up with non-user stuff that they didn't know what to do with,
so they put it into /usr.

> I would like to suggest the following:
> The packages should provide the following subdirectories:
> /home/www/cgi-bin
> /home/www/icons
> /home/www/http or /home/www/data
> The package specific files which come with the package should come in
> other directories for example:
> /home/apache/cgi-bin
> /home/apache/icons
> /home/apache/http or /home/apache/data
> in which /home/apache is a symbolic link to /home/www
> /home/cern-httpd/cgi-bin
> /home/cern-httpd/icons
> /home/cern-httpd/http or /home/cern-httpd/data
> in which /home/cern-httpd is a symbolic link to /home/www
> Script providing packages (not depending on a specific package) will 
> provide their stuff from the /home/www (and sub) directories.

All of the above makes a certain amount of sense when you replace ``home''
with ``var''.  (Although I suspect that I would have arranged it differently.)

> Erick

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