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Re: Incoming directory status

On Sat, 11 May 1996, Bill Mitchell wrote:

> For a standalone system with mostly one single owner/operator/sysadmin/user,
> and with connectivity being mainly dial-out and perhaps a small in-home
> network, the need will probably be for one or the other.  I've
> repeatedly opined that the majority of debian systems will probably
> fall into this category.

Don't be too quick to underestimate the number of Debian (and Linux) 
systems in use at Universities (and corporations)... At McGill (my
University), the CompSci department has many Pentium machines running
Linux (Slackware 3.0). And the my dept (Electrical Engineering) is getting
20-ish brand-new, loaded Pentium machine... on which they will install NT
and either Debian or Red Hat. And they're probably going to feel faster
than the Sparc 4 we bought last year too! 

I think the 'Linux presence in the workplace' (or at least in
Universities) is going to increase quite a bit in the next few years...
Mainly because when you're not running fancy software, a Linux PC makes
for a cheap, fast and practical workstation.

Err... So I think it'd be good to give some thought to multi-user systems
too. And anything like that, that differentiates Debian from other
distributions is good for Debian.


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