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Re: Help with Replaces/Conflicts fields!

Christian Hudon wrote:
> What do I put if the control file if I want my termcap-compat package to
> totally replace an installed libtermcap package?
> Should I 'replace', 'replace & conflict' or 'conflict' with libtermcap?
> It'd be appreciated if someone could explain the difference between these
> three...

Use 'Replaces: pkg_X' if you want to takeover some files
from pkg_X, but leave pkg_X installed with any remaining files.
Use 'Replaces: pkg_X' and 'Conflicts: pkg_X' if you want to
take over files and then have any remaining files removed and
pkg_X deinstalled, thus totally eliminating pkg_X. I think
you want to both 'Replace' and 'Conflict' with libtermcap.

If you just use 'Conflicts', then the user will have to remove
libtermcap before installing your package.

Steve Greenland

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