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Re: Incoming directory status

On Fri, 10 May 1996, Guy Maor wrote:

> On Thu, 9 May 1996, Christian Hudon wrote:
> > I've got a termcap-compat package just about done. If people agree, I'd
> > upload it to master...
> I'm not sure if it's emacs or ncurses, but one of them is extremely
> picky about the /etc/termcap file.  I assume this file will be included
> in your termcap-compat package.  For example, they dislike slashes (/)
> in the terminal names.
> Could you be sure that emacs gdb and shell commands work with your
> termcap-compat package installed?

Debian ncurses can't be picky about /etc/termcap, since it's configured at
compile-time to not even look at the said file. So it must be emacs...

I tried running emacs shell/gdb using the 9.8.whatever termcap file and it
looked just like the usual (meaning that except for tcsh complaining about
an "unknown terminal type, setting to dumb" everything looked fine).

I'll try again with the 9.13.whatever version of termcap (the latest one),
but could someone clue me in on the kinds of problems to look for? What are
the symptoms?


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