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Bug#2958: default syslog.conf ignores high priority messages

Package: syslogd
Version: 1.2-20

The syslog.conf distributed in the syslogd package does not contain
default entries for priorities ALERT, CRIT and ERR, so most messages with
these priorities are just ignored!

This is the reason for part of Bug#2449 "syslogd stops logging to VC".
Ian Jackson suggests syslogd should give an error message somehow, when
it can't open a file.

It does give this message, with class syslog, and priority _ERR_.  Since
it has priority ERR it is ignored if you are using the default

However, I also have similar problem with syslogd stopping logging to a
VC.  The error message is not helpful - I think it was "I/O error writing
to tty1"!

I don't know where best to log these missing messages, but for now I've
changed the lines including:
*.=info;*.=notice;*.=warn, etc.
to include:

I think this is fixed in the example file that comes with the upstream
sysklogd version 1.3, so maybe the best fix would be to make our default
closer to this, (but without references to a user joey of course..)

Unfortunately version 1.3 still has the problem described in Bug#2449,
mentioned above.

This package also still has inconsistant package name and filename.  I
_think_ the control file should be fixed to include:
Package: sysklogd
Replaces: syslogd
Provides: syslogd

_Please_ confirm this with somebody who totally understands dpkg's
behaviour with Replaces, etc. (Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk> would

Please could the maintainer (Joey?) reply to the list, just so we know
you are still with us!



Michael Nonweiler <mrn20@cam.ac.uk>
Trinity College, Cambridge, England.

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