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Bug#2958: default syslog.conf ignores high priority messages

Hallo Michael!

}Package: syslogd
}Version: 1.2-20
}The syslog.conf distributed in the syslogd package does not contain
}default entries for priorities ALERT, CRIT and ERR, so most messages with
}these priorities are just ignored!
}This is the reason for part of Bug#2449 "syslogd stops logging to VC".
}Ian Jackson suggests syslogd should give an error message somehow, when
}it can't open a file.
}It does give this message, with class syslog, and priority _ERR_.  Since
}it has priority ERR it is ignored if you are using the default
}However, I also have similar problem with syslogd stopping logging to a
}VC.  The error message is not helpful - I think it was "I/O error writing
}to tty1"!

Ah, interesting.

}I don't know where best to log these missing messages, but for now I've
}changed the lines including:
}*.=info;*.=notice;*.=warn, etc.
}to include:

For me this makes sense, so I have changed this.

}I think this is fixed in the example file that comes with the upstream
}sysklogd version 1.3, so maybe the best fix would be to make our default
}closer to this, (but without references to a user joey of course..)
}Unfortunately version 1.3 still has the problem described in Bug#2449,
}mentioned above.
}This package also still has inconsistant package name and filename.  I
}_think_ the control file should be fixed to include:
}Package: sysklogd
}Replaces: syslogd
}Provides: syslogd

There is a Replaces: field? Interesting. Anyway I'm working on this
and I have already sent mails to Ian. I won't upload the package
bevore this.

}Please could the maintainer (Joey?) reply to the list, just so we know
}you are still with us!

I am.



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