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Bug#2954: Reset references /usr/share/tabset

Package: ncurses-bin
Version: 1.9e.9-1

When I run "reset" on a tvi925 terminal I have connected to my system,
it complains with the message "Can't open /usr/share/tabset/stdcrt".
Reset then aborts, with the effect that it breaks a working terminal,
rather than fixing a broken one.  Everything works fine on console or
in an xterm (presumably they don't use the tabset files).

It seems that there's a misconfiguration somewhere.  Creating a symlink
from /usr/lib/tabset to /usr/share/tabset solves the problem.  Since
(according to the FSSTND), no package should ever directly reference
files stored in /usr/share, this has to be considered as a bug.

M a l c . . .             |  "We've checked, and it's definitely not a bug.
(malc@thing.demon.co.uk)  |  It's fixed in the new release."  -- Help line.

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